Classmate conversation #1: Meet Aenah Ramones

I had a pleasure meeting Aenah Ramones on the first day of class of Art 110 who happened to be sitting next to me.  Aenah is a 21-year-old junior at CSULB who loves computers and  is majoring in Computer Science. She lives in Anaheim not too far from Disneyland! She actually just turned 21 last month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AENAH! 🙂 And of course I had to ask how she celebrated her 21st birthday. She said that she went on a 2 week vacation in Europe with her family. Gaaahh!! So jealous! I would definitely choose a Europe trip over Vegas as a 21st birthday celebration!

Anyway, Aenah is taking Art 110 class to improve her knowledge and skills in art. We also talked about family and music. I found out that she is into EDM and goes to a lot of music festivals like Coachella . She also mentioned that she has one older sister who recently graduated with a Physics degree in Cal Poly Pomona. We had a few similarities; we are both Filipinos, have one sibling and are both broke college students! haha It was definitely fun getting to know her even only for 15 minutes.


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