Art Activity #1: Plaster Casting at Seal Beach! :)

Today I had a lot of fun meeting at the beach with the Art 110 class and learning how to use plaster. It was definitely way too gorgeous outside to stay at home. Your typical 78 degree Southern California winter 🙂  I actually got a ride  to the beach from one of my classmates. I did not want to come alone so when i saw Gabriella’s  (aka Gabby) post on Slack volunteering to pick up anyone to go to the beach i instantly messaged her. Thank you Gabby! 🙂

To be honest, plaster casting is not an easy task! Especially that it was our first time playing with plaster. It was fun being at the beach and digging holes  in the sand like little kids though! 😉 We pretty much just followed the instructions but unfortunately  I did not get a nice mold :/  I made 2 molds of my hand but both did not come out perfect. Both molds had missing fingers hahaha! I should have packed in the wet sand to get a better mold. I also should have waited and let the plaster dry longer.  Nonetheless it was a fun time at the beach with my peers. To reward myself i got an Acai bowl at a nearest coffee shop and took a 2 hour nap when i got home 🙂

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