Week 15 – Design the life you really want

The thing i currently think I would be doing is working as a Chemical Engineer. I would hope this is what i would be doing since I am going to school and paying with my own money to get my Bachelor’s degree. To be honest I am scared that I will finish and by the time i get my degree I realize it is not for me. But I would only know that if I finish school. The plan is to get my degree in Chemical Engineering and work for a Pharmaceutical company  making newly discovered drugs. To achieve this goal, i would have to stay in school, focus and pass my classes so I can get my Bachelor’s degree. My plan is to get it by 2019 so I can start working and save money. I would definitely apply everywhere after I graduate, and I will probably take any job just to have the experience. But the end goal of all of this is to save enough money so that my mom won’t have to work anymore. Buy her a house and a brand new car.

I have a few things in mind in case Chemical Engineering does not work out. I’m thinking being a grade school teacher or a dentist or a lab tech solving crimes. A teacher because I used to pretend to be a teacher when I was a kid, I would take my old homework and mark them as if I was grading them. I also enjoy teaching math to my nieces who are in middle school. I think I have the patience for it. Dentist because I remember I used to like going to the dentist when I was a kid. Some kids hated going because of the  pain from pulling their teeth or what have you. But my mom would always buy me ice cream after i got my tooth pulled.

If I was financially stable I would be a wedding planner or some sort of event planner. Ever since I watched the movie Wedding Planner I thought that that would be a really fun job. I’ll have my own company setting up and planning events for special occasions preferably weddings. I’ll have people in charge with the flowers, another for guests, others for other decorations. It would be so much fun.

As I was writing these paragraphs I realize that I really just one end goal and that is to have enough money so that my mom will have a house and not have to work. Also, I would want my own family someday. I wanna be able to still be in touch with my friends and have family parties with our kids together. I want to be able to travel everywhere without worrying about the money.  Of course I would want to find my calling and enjoy going to work everyday as well but at the end of it all i want to be able to get back to people i love and spend time with them as much as possible.


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