Week 14 – Sketching in the Japanese Garden

I was so excited to go to the Japanese Garden since I’ve only been there once and that was years ago.  Before i started sketching I just sat there and looked at the trees and watched the koi fishes in the pond. It was so peaceful, with finals coming up it was definitely something i needed.IMG_3192.JPG

30 seconds was not enough to sketch a whole lot. Especially for someone like me who does not draw. One of the rules was not to to use our erasers and there were times where i would forget and was ready to erase, but instead I would sketch over the mistakes.IMG_3244.JPG

I enjoyed sketching the trees but had a hard time when it was time for me to draw the other things in the garden like the tables, bridge, fences, etc. I really wish I was good at drawing. My sketches do not do justice on how gorgeous this Japanese Garden is.




I definitely enjoyed the 5 minute sketch more because it gave me more time to sketch what I wanted. Not looking at the paper was also difficult because I was trying to make my sketch look nice.


I give props to sketch artist who can sketch without looking at the their paper and just by staring at the subject and still have the sketches come out really nice.

As for visiting the garden, I will definitely try to stop by the Japanese Garden just to relax. Take my time and breathe nice fresh air and enjoy the scenery.




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