Wk 12 – Artist Conv – No-Man’s Land

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Media: Paint

Gallery: Max L.Gator Gallery

Website: Andreiniart.com

Alice Andreini is a graduate student at Cal State Long Beach in the drawing and painting department. She always had the desire to be a painter but had different plans before she pursued it. Alice was actually attending school in the field of Medicine before she got started with painting. She then decided to do theatre and was a set designer where she painted backgrounds for plays. After theatre design she was teaching art classes. She then realized that she should follow her dreams and just paint. It was just three years ago when she started studying Art.

Alice’s paintings have texture using oil and impasto gel on large canvases. The number of colors is limited and all have a grid-like pattern.

Each of Alice’s large paintings are different views of a golf course using different colors. Alice wanted to go with a more abstract version and not just a typical painting of a golf course with green grass and the sky. She limited the colors she used and developed a process that enabled her to make the different paintings faster and still have the same kind of effect.

I like Alice’s paintings because it was something different.  When i was standing in front of the painting it felt like i was in a spaceship, the kind you see in movies. Mainly because of the grid like patterns they all have. I love the colors that she used and the texture the paintings had on the canvas that made it look so nice.




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