Art activity – Graffiti-MJ

Today was my very first time to do graffiti art!  I got a card board at my moms and purchased spray paint at Wal-mart. I chose black for the outline and seafoam green because i’ve always like this color.

I did the activity at my friend’s backyard who happens to know a little more about graffiti art than i do. It was a little windy out so every time i paint i had to wait for the wind to calm down.  First of, i noticed that the paint was not sticking on the cardboard like i hoped it would,especially the black paint.  So i had to layer the black paint twice.  It also caused the green color to drip down the board which was not intended but came out looking pretty nice.

Overall, the activity was fun. I hope i had a bigger cardboard to write on. I could not spell my name Mharjorie due to it was too long so i wrote my nickname “MJ”.

I’ll definitely get more cardboard to write on to do more graffiti art work with friends. It is so much fun 😄👍🏼



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