Art Activity : Finger painting

Yesss painting! I am not the most creative painter but a few years back i thought i would try a new hobby and I thought of painting. So I bought a beginner painting kit at Michael’s and tried it out. It has been awhile since i last painted so I knew this art activity was going be fun.

First of, i didn’t know how to begin painting  because there was no subject. So I checked the link that Glenn provided to get an idea what finger painting is all about. I took my acrylic paint that came in the kit and decided to use them.

Since I couldn’t use  a brush, i just squeezed the bottle to get the paint out and mixed colors on the paper instead of having a mixing plate. Of course I had to play some music while painting, which made it more fun. I feel like i just went with the flow, I just worked with whatever figure and color that was on the paper at the moment. If i accidentally painted a streak of blue on the red paint i would just go over it again with red. Whatever l thought looked good I would leave on the paper.

I would definitely try finger painting again  in the future. I am thinking more neutral colors would be nice. I’m excited to try it again 🙂


fingerp2me_fingerpainting.jpg            fingerpmain.jpg


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