Classmate Conversation: Meet Kergina!

For this week’s classmate conversation i met Kergina. Kergina is a Sophomore in California State University Long Beach majoring in Psychology. The reason why she decided to major in Psychology is because she has enjoyed watching the show Law and Order and found it interesting when they show the scene where a psychologist speaks to the victim or suspects and analyze them. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I myself watch Law and order and have a marathon.

A little bit about her is that She grew up in Ontario,CA and moved to Lakewood,CA when she was in high school. She attended Lakewood high school and graduated in 2015. She currently has two jobs as a server at Buffalo wild wings and at an elementary school as a teacher’s aid. She enjoys her job at BWW because of all the interesting drunk. She prefers her job at the elementary school but she learned that she would not want to be working with kids in the future.

Surprisingly we have similar taste in food and music. We both love Mexican food and both grew up listening to Mariah Carey! what a coincidence! Her favorite artists are Beyonce and Rey  and i myself love Beyonce, i mean who’d doesn’t right?

It was really nice meeting Kergina and I enjoyed our conversation about her job at BWW because I was also a server and had to deal with intoxicated customers. haha. I don’t how she balances two jobs and school I give her props for that!



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