Zine Activity :”Do you boo”


The experience of doing by Zine book was fun! I wish i could draw better though. All i did was used copy paper and folded it in in half twice and stapled them together to make it look like a book. I came up with the title “Do you boo” because i interpret that saying as focusing on yourself, do what you need to do for yourself. Sometimes you need “me time” make time for yourself, to worry about yourself before anybody else in order to live freely, to have peace of mind. In my zine book i have a few things to do to live happily and healthy. Things i try to do

Next time I would like to try to add nice photos, colorful photos would be nice. Other topic that i have in mind would be fashion tips, make up tips, mostly for women. Issues women deal with in everyday life.IMG_2804.JPG




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