Art Activity : “Intertwine”

For this week’s art activity I decided to ask my friend Ty  to do the automatic drawing with me . Me and Tyler usually drink and eat junk food when we hang out. Unhealthy, but we have fun just talking ,enjoying each other’s company. Before we started the project, We stopped by CVS  and bought a cheap bottle of tequila (his  new choice of drink). 

After taking a few shots of tequila we started  the project.  Tyler is studying music production so when i told him that we have to play music while we draw he excitedly pulled out his iphone to  choose a song. He chose “Mr. telephone man ” by new edition,  a classic upbeat r&b song. We started giggling because we didn’t know how or where to begin.So i said “just go with the music.” So we closed our eyes and drew to the beat of the song.

It was definitely different from our usual hang outs. We laughed at how our drawing came out because it looks like something a couple of preschool students created. Overall, I had fun creating our master piece 🙂 I felt like a little kid just scribbling across the paper. Ty came up with the name “Intertwine” which i thought was perfect because we were connecting with our artsy side  and the music and connecting with each other as well.




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