Wk 3 -Artist Conversation-Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Exhibition: Scry Baby

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: klart760


Kelvin Lopez is an undergraduate senior at California State Long Beach working towards completing his degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts in the School of Art’s Printmaking Program. Lopez previously attended a community college in his hometown of San Diego where he received his Associates degree. Although he claims that he was not good in drawing or painting when he was in high school, his passion for art  drove him to improve himself as an artist.

Besides art, he loves spending time with his two pet dogs, listening to music, going to music festivals with friends. He also mentioned that he collects crystals which was introduced to him by his ex-girlfriend.

Lopez’ exhibition at the SOA gallery titled “Scry Baby” was all screen printing. He incorporate his crystals in all his artwork. Everything was two dimensional but when you look at the art closely you will see the beautiful layering that he did.Crystals drawn looked similar with all the layering of the printed photos but each one have different colors, different backgrounds, and different shapes. Similar to Lopez’ artwork, each crystals have different names, color and symbolizes different meanings.

Kelvin Lopez’ art is inspired by his personal life. Besides crystals, he incorporates his dogs, his own baby photos and his hometown in his artwork. He said that there is no better way to get inspiration other than your own personal life and your surroundings.

I enjoyed his exhibit very much. I liked that he incorporated things that was close to his heart; his dogs, his hometown, and his childhood. I love the drawings of the crystals especially the black and gray drawing. I just thought that it was drawn so nicely. The fingers, the dog drawn on the crystal and from my perspective the background that looks like the universe. Everything in that drawing i thought was beautiful.  The title of his exhibit “Scry baby” i thought was different, something i have never heard of. I had to google the word scry  because i thought he meant “scary” . But he did explain the meaning of “scrying” but i did not quite understand. So apparently it means “foretell the future using a crystal ball” which make sense because again, the crystals!

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.16.48 PM.png


This photo below has a drawing of two crystals incorporating a photo of him as a little kid at the Flower fields in San Diego area.


Below  is another drawing of a crystal with a puppy playing with a little boy. 🙂








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