Classmate Conversation #3: Meet Diana Soriano.

For week three, our Art 110 class met up at the gallery. I looked around the gallery to see who wasn’t with a partner for the day and that is when I spotted Diana!

Diana Soriano is a freshman at CSULB, majoring in Marine Biology. I have never met anyone studying that major so I thought that was cool because I took a Marine Biology class back in high school. So right there and then i wanted to know why she decided to major in marine biology. Diana talked about how she went on a field trip in Catalina island when she was in 5th grade  and that started her interest in the marine life.  Then she went scuba diving in 7th grade in Santa Barbara  and that was the point when she knew that she wanted to study marine biology. She also mentioned that she wants to minor in film which she said was a total opposite of her major but that’s one of the things she likes to do, making videos and editing. Besides our majors, we talked about Torrance,CA where she lives. She said that not a lot of people she met knew exactly where Torrance is. I happened to live in Torrance for a year and half so i am familiar with the city 🙂

It was really nice to meet someone who was easy to talk to like  Diana. I wish her all the best in her studies and hope to chat with her some more in class 🙂

Here is another photo of me with a classmate with snapchat filter!






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