Art Activity #2: Landscapes with a Corpse. At Peace.

To be honest when Glenn asked “how would you want to leave this earth? ” nothing came to mind. I have never thought of how i  would want to die. Then I thought about it more, then that’s when I thought of things that would most likely cause my death. Number one reason would most likely be due to my health issues. I have a weak immune system and have been on medication for quite sometime.So i thought that would probably be one good way to do this activity; have a bunch of my medicine lying around me in bed. Second cause of death would probably drowning, because i do not know how to swim. (embarassing haha). Then you have other common things people die from like a car crash, getting shot, getting stabbed etc. But that is NOT the way i would i want to leave this earth. I don’t want to end up bleeding to death or gasping for air or crying for help. I prefer dying in peace. No struggle,no pain.

So here are two photos of me lying in my bed in peace hence, the WHITE top  and WHITE sheets (haha) the color white to me symbolizes peace. I would want to die in peace preferably in my sleep when I’m most at peace. And of course I am hoping that by the time i die i have fulfilled all my hopes and dreams for myself and for the people i love.<3


How did the activity went? I did not have anyone to help me take the photos, so it was a little difficult running back and forth to set the timer hahah.And finding a place that can hold my phone was not an easy task. I did enjoy looking for an outfit to wear 🙂  Looking at the camera and appear to be dead without making it seem like i was just taking a selfie was also difficult. But overall it was not bad.It would have been better if i was more prepared and there was a photographer.




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